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The iModeller 3D series automatically creates 3D objects with textures from photographs.

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With iModeller 3D Professional and its vast amount of export formats, you can easily integrate the captured 3d data into your tool chain.

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iModeller 3D Web is aimed at 3D content creation for online display. It's the perfect tool if you want to display your objects online.

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New version 2.6 now shipping!

For a limited time, the latest version of iModeller 3D Professional can now be obtained as a free download by all registered customers of iModeller 3D Professional version 2.5. The changes in this minor update are among others a magnifier functionality and necessary fixes for Mac OS X 10.4.

Capture and export objects to UZR, QuickTime and Macromedia Flash for a 3D web experience

iModeller 3D supports the popular QuickTime and Macromedia Flash formats - players pre-installed on millions of systems. But you can also harness the power of the UZR Viewer for online 3D display - without any browser plugin!

All you need is a Java enabled browser, and you get fully interactive content.

Rotate: drag mouse
Zoom: hold ALT and drag mouse.

This model of a dinosaur's claw has been created from 15 pictures taken with a standard digital camera. The masked images result in a 3D-model, displayed here with UZR Viewer, which has been exported directly with iModeller 3D Web. (data © DinoDragon International Research Foundation)

Japanese User Interface, Help System and Website

Beginning with version 2.5, iModeller 3D is now available with a new Japanese Interface and Help System! Our partner Digiberry Corporation from Tokyo also established and hosts a full Japanese Web Site web site: visit for Japanese descriptions and downloads of our products.

Made with iModeller

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Made with iModeller

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